Tuesday, 23 March 2010

camera shots of story board and shot lists


our thriller

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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Todays lesson

We are finishing off the soundtrack and the editing. We think the soundtrack needs one more thing to add to it, we did do the soundtrack a while back but we decided as a group to add to it, and also when the editing is finished then we can sync the audio (soundtrack) with the film, this will give us another chance to correct the sound track so it can go with a our film so it all fits in.

For our editing we have a script which describes what our film is about and why its happened, the script is described through all the film so we need to get each bit of film in the right place as the, so we get the fast flickering effect

sam wick

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Todays lesson

today's lesson we are finishing off the filming and editing all our footage to quick clips of the film so we get a better effect and a faster more flowing film we still need to add the beginning part of the opening and the soundtrack to the final cut, we are just shorting the bits of film.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Credit list - thriller opening sequence

A ............ Production presents
A ............ film
(cast 1) Sam Wick
(cast 2) Valentino
Costume design by Val, Sam & Josh
Art direction by Sam & Val
Production design by Sam & Val & Josh
Casting by Sam & Val
Film editing by Val & Josh
Cinematography by Josh
original music by Yas Eresh
Produced by Josh & Val
Directed by Val
Main title - On the Edge

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

what we achieved this lesson (2/03/10)

today we filmed the second to last bit of filming, it was the part Sam coughing up blood this is because of the disease which has spread, and i have been effective by it. This is to help the audience understand what is happening and to explain the story line.

Sam Wick

Friday, 26 February 2010

We had and idea of the whole world at risk of an infection and there being only one survivor from a various range of films such as.. I am legend, 28 days later, The crazies, Push and dawn of the dead . All these films have one thing in common which is the idea of 'the end of humanity' due to a disease or infection. Our idea was that a scientific biological experiment would mutate with only O + blood groups and cause people to turn into animals. The survivors who had different blood groups would have been eaten by the mad people and some running for there lives. Later on in the film we'd discover there were other survivors and they would try to conqure the disease.
By yaz

our thriller

thrillers also dip into many other genres. these include horror, action, adventure etc. Our idea dips into all of these and more, therefore we believe the genre of our opening will be an apocalyptic thriller. This is because our opening is based around the end of the worlds human race and a worldwide meltdown. in our opening we have to make it look like worldwide panic and worry. this is a difficult thing to achieve, there fore in lessons to come we will spend a lot of time working on the editing of our clips. mise en scene for our clip will be split in two.
the first part will be a montage of old news clips etc. its almost like someone is going back through archives like its something that's happened in the past.
our second mise on scene is all about scientist trying to find a cure to the disease that is killing off the population. this is set in laboratories and offices etc. our parts of mise en scene will be death, destruction, chaos, panic. the crazies is a good example of this

by josh

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


This clip above is a clip from film called push, this was released in 2009.

3 minute 20 seconds in and up too 5 minute 34 seconds, the opening credits begin and this is where our idea and there is simular. They have used different clips to get different effects, and we will try and get our own clips or record our own off youtube to our clip and change the editing.


opening scenes

a major factor in our opening scene is the lighting, as its filmed at night, lighting has to be used to create a certain effect towards the viewers. we shall be doing this using night vision. the first scene will be sam running through a forest with the camera hand held, to show that he is alone and the movement of the camera will show he is scared. with the camera in night vision it will show that we can see everything that's happening but sam cannot see what we see, this will help create tension amoungst the viewers. as well as this, the fact that he is alone in a dark forest also helps create tension because most people assosiate a dark forest at night with scariness, murders etc. other films such as friday the 13th have based their opening scenes in forests at night. its a very effective method of filiming and we will be using it.
by yas

Friday, 5 February 2010

What Is a Thriller

Sub-genres of Thrillers

Psychological thrillers
These are often split into two further genres of internal and external psychological thrillers. Internal psychological thrillers is the idea that the protagonist is suffering from issues caused by thoughts of paranoia, memory loss and insomnia or other feelings. These complications of the mind playing tricks on the character then has an affect on and drives the narrative, for example the memory loss of the lead character in Momento strives him to find the murderer of his wife.

External psychological thrillers are the idea that the character's mind is effected by those around them. This could include complications about identity or reality and an example is the Bourne Identity, in which Matt Damon's character is part of a mystery about who he is, and why he is part of such a mystery.

Political thrillers
This type of thriller often has a similar theme of conspiracy and corruption. These themes are incorpated into the government, and ideas of the government working against the public with the mystery being the unravelling of the conspiracy. Other related themes are the inclusion of government agencies, secret missions and assassinations. A good example of this type of thriller is All the President's Men, in which the conspiracy of the "water gate" is investigated.

Crime thriller
Crime thrillers include the ideas of unsolved crimes and the struggle to either solve the crime or escape justice. These variations are due to whether the protagonist is the criminal or a detective. Zodiac is a good example of how unsolved crimes are used well to drive the narrative of a thriller, as the main character strives to solve the crime of the zodiac killer. An opposite example of this is Dog Day Afternoon, where we see the struggle of Al Pacino's character stuggles to complete the crime of a bank robbery and ensure a safe getaway.

Action thriller
The sub-genre of action thrillers is often confused with action films, as what is one persons action thriller is another persons action film. Key differences are that action films are driven by action set peices. In Die Hard I, the story is linked by each big set piece, for example the shootouts in the offices, the large C4 explosion, and the final gun fight where the character Hans is killed. On the contary, The Bourne Identity could be considered as a action thriller. This is because the narrative is intellegent and has more depth, with the mystery surrounding identity. However Jason Bourne is still forced to use violence, adding the element of action.

Overall, there a many sub-genres of thrillers. In many cases, these sub genres overlap, but the above are the four main sub-genres. Thrillers also have codes and conventions. Codes are the meanings that are created by the film, and if a thriller is seen as conventional, then it is following the norm established by other productions in the genre. All thrillers though have a common theme of a mystery. The viewer is given peices of information as the narrative progressed which lead to the uncovering of the puzzle.

by yas

Lighting and effects

Our scenes involve variations of lighting. During the forest run, the lighting will be dark. This will reflect the mood of the scene, showing how scared the characters are running away from the cannibal human killing animals that have been created by this disease.

We will use the natural lighting to provide an everyday feel to make the audience feel like its a normal everyday day having no idea what is yet to come out at night. By filming this scene in the daytime it contrasts the dark emotions when the killers come out at night . This goes further to highlight the fact that he is on his own in his depressed thoughts alone being the only survivor, the dark shows he is in danger and he is alone being the only human but not alone in the sense that other creatures are around and want to get him. The audience have no idea what these killers are and by using night vision it increases the tension of just what it is that they are running away from because they cant see themselves it helps the audience connect with the characters making them feel as one with them.
By yasmin eresh

Camera effercts

We will be shooting this in the dark on night vision on the camera to increase the suspense and tension. This will also make the audience feel as though they are with the characters in the film.

We got this idea from the blair witch project, in this they use night vision this gives a good sense of realism which also drags the audience into the film bringing them into the character perspective.

We associated darkness with fear in the film as people are more scared if they cant see whats happening or whats going on around them. We felt night vision.....................

In the opening we used short quick edits, to increase the tension, this will also give many different effects for the audience which keeps their attention keeping them entertained.

by josh and yas
We have made Mark Wallace (our main character) a middle class citizen caught up in a situation. this relates more to audience, almost as if they are in the film. the way he dresses also means he wasn't prepared for the events that will occur, therefore also relating to the audience. a big idea for our film was i am legend, Robert Neville is an only survivor in New York City after a pollution/virus has killed the population off. but the difference between our opening and the i am legend

by josh

production team


Thursday, 4 February 2010






for our opening we will be wearing various costumes.

Yas will be wearing poor tattered ripped clothes to show she has been running away for some time and has had close encounters with these creatures.This also makes the audience question how she has survived.

Val will be wearing a suit showing he is the doctor and news person to show he is a person of high authority which contrasts with the survivors clothes.

sam will be wearing normal clothes for a person of his age this shows his age and how he has clearly been in hiding and maybe doesn't even know such creatures are around but what has made him come out of hiding.

Clothing doesn't really matter that much for the opening of the first scene as its being filmed in night vision and there is less emphasis on clothing we want to focus more on what they are running away from but we need to establish who is of high authority so made this clear by putting Val in a suit.

by josh and yas

Story Board what to say

It all started in 2015 a scientist from China named Dr. Ling Ming-Lee discovered a new chemical in air pollution soon to realise that it reacts with human blood and effects any human who qualifies into blood group 0+. The chemical from pollution reacted with the blood made humans behavior change into animals making them violent, hungry and unstoppable. The first symptoms where shown by people coughing up blood. When the viruses struck it spread so quickly that there was no time to stop or cure it. The infected started to wipe out humans one by one soon people started to panic, people fighting for survival it was a world disaster soon the humanity was wiped out. My name is Mark Wallace and I am looking for survivors.

by val

story board

picture 1: looking through the forest with a hand held camera

picture 2: rotating the camera through the forest

picture 3: sprinting through the forest scared

picture 4: breathing heavily through the forest

picture 5: stops and turn around very shaken and scared

picture 6: something hits him and he falls to the ground
by josh

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

planning for filming

Props: we are going to use a a hand held camera

Friday, 29 January 2010

the idea of the thriller is going to be people start to change and become zombies because of the bad pollution. The pollution only affected one type of blood group which is O. People who are in that group changed and started wipe out humanity.Soon after the week humans died out and only the fittest survived.
people walking
some cars
writing on paper and reverse ( push )
some on hospital film around there.
(plane crashes)
people panic
buildings falling
Publish Post


our thriller is going to be based on 28 days later, I am legend, push, cloverfield and daybreak. Its going to be about humans dying out and some catastrophic disease spreads. The opening is going to be someone running threw forest and then have a narrator talking about why humans died out and how the disease spread.

by josh

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

our thriller ideas

our idea is to create a thriller opening set in a forest. this will help with the scary effect and the mysterious side of the thriller. our idea came from blair witch project which had many scenes set in the forest. These scenes involved campers camping in a forest and all disappearing mysteriously one by one . this is the basic idea of our thriller.
Josh and yaz

Friday, 8 January 2010

evaluation of preliminary task


When we were recording we didn't really stop unless it was necessary so that we have as much play back as possible just in case we needed a couple of more seconds of walking or talking etc. This is called continuing editing, this means that there are no major cuts that are obvious.

We used the 180 degree rule by staying one side of the class room when having a conversation, this helps it look better and it is easier to edit and at the end make its presentation better.

Match on action shot is when you open something then shoot it from the other side, for example a door in ours we did it when I opened a door and then cut it for when i came through the door on the other side, this gives the effect so you don't just see the back of the door you actually see me coming though the door.

Shot counter shot is when you show a conversation from the person who isant talking. In our little film we show it when we are saying hi etc and who ever is talking has the camera on them.\

Sam Wick

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Preliminary Task

Idea's -

Conversation -


1. Alright babes
2. yeah not bad you?
1. yeah just tired bit of headache
2. how was your night?
1. good got paid :)
2. how much?
1. £200 :/
2. is that it! you stupid bitch god! get a better job!

(walks out)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009